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About us
About us

A word about customer proximity

Storage, logistics and service - close at hand, efficient, fast

Every market has its own particular demands. It is not enough simply to supply good products. If you want to provide the best solution possible, you have to understand your customers, turn their desires into reality and offer technology and service as a single, complete product. Now we have taken up residence in Europe, we can provide our customers with comprehensive service in a language they understand and through people from their own cultural background. Consulting, engineering, modification, product availability – all these services will in future be able to be provided far more efficiently and quicker.

Synergies from the word go

High availability thanks to European distribution centres
Competent and comprehensive service

With a strong process chain covering storage, logistics and sales, we offer the best possible operational reliability. We know the condition of every chain and at the same time all available options for maintenance and repair. After all, who else apart from the manufacturer is better able to assess what is to be done in a particular case? As far as humanly possible, our skilled personnel make sure that the worst case scenario doesn’t come about. And it goes without saying that we are able to supply all spare parts and components quickly and smoothly – in top quality. A dependable after-sales service, therefore, does not just guarantee your operating processes. Our service activities are designed to establish and foster a flexible and long-term partnership. In cooperation with everyone involved, we are interlinking our service activities in Europe with your core business, contributing to maximisation of your efficiency in the process.